VIBRATOINS | Ep.1 Amazônia

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A genuine embodiment of inaugural celebrations, The Slate debuted the first episode of the Vibrations Cultural Festival, bringing the theme Amazônia, celebrating the spirit of South America.

A dazzling display of enjoyable performances took place on Saturday, 16th of April, at the Coliseum Lawn, gathering almost 100 guests amid the colourful tropical gardens and plenty of fun! 

Guests were treated to a bountiful buffet dinner, including authentic delicacies that transported diners’ taste buds to the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. 

Followed by a painting session by Trey Hurst, the Bangkok-based visual artist and designer, a live performance by the Amazônia band and a capoeira dance which left spectators spellbound! Revellers then danced to live music from Amazônia and DJ Marcos under the star.

Then on Sunday, 17th of April, a blissful Sunday Brunch was accompanied by lively Amazônia performances and a plethora of perfected international dishes, all freshly prepared by our skilled chefs and served alongside some of the finest free-flow wine and bubbly.

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