An artful blend of industrial
beauty and natural allure
The Slate

Your Own Secret World
Within Phuket

Enveloped in absolute mystery, The Slate is a REIMAGINING of Phuket’s rich elemental history. A medley of old traditions and wondrous new inspirations, this dreamscape exudes natural beauty and sensuous elegance. Awaken your imagination in this fantastical world.

A Sublime Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in a DREAMSCAPE of inspiring art and natural beauty. At The Slate, a wondrous getaway awaits.

A Rich History

Inspired by Phuket’s tin mining past, The Slate combines industrial elements with raw beauty, evoking poetic reminders of a BYGONE past.

Otherworldly Experiences

Find your reality in a FANTASTICAL world of illusion and whimsy…

A soothing spa haven

A tapestry of tastes; a fusion of flavours


Open your eyes. DELIGHT your palate. Feel the difference. Savour the experience.

Make your own culinary MAGIC.

Delight in dazzling destination dining with sunset hues and silvery sands.

A Dreamland Nestled in Phuket

Share your SPECTACULAR snapshots with the rest of the world.

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