Eric Raisina Universe

Eric raisina universe

We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our ongoing efforts in promoting emerging artists and designers. Until the end of April 2024, we're hosting a pop-up by the talented haute couture textile creator, Eric Raisina, at our curated artful space, Dirty Monstera.

A celebrated figure in the fashion world, Eric is the recipient of the New Young Talent prize at the Fashion Festival and Textile Competition. His educational journey in Paris, highlighted by his contribution to Christian Lacroix’s Summer Collection 1997, underpins his reputation as a visionary designer.

Eric Raisina is widely acclaimed for his unique approach to design, where he masterfully blends African and Asian cultures into extraordinary, one-of-a-kind pieces. His work is not just about fashion; it's an exploration of innovative design techniques that transcend traditional boundaries.

Krystal Prakaikaew Na-Ranong, the visionary behind The Slate Phuket, shared her enthusiasm about this collaboration: "Eric Raisina is one of the most creative couturiers I've encountered in my travels. We're excited to collaborate with him and introduce his daring designs to our guests. At The Slate, we're passionate about spotlighting extraordinary talent from the worlds of art, gastronomy, and fashion. Eric's vibrant and innovative pieces are a perfect embodiment of this spirit."

Eric, born in Madagascar and now based in Cambodia, draws inspiration from the rich silk weaving traditions of the Khmer culture, infusing his African heritage with the spirit of his adopted homeland. His creativity has led to the development of unique textiles like silk fur, reflecting his commitment to blending different cultural influences.

Expressing his excitement, Eric says, “Bringing my designs to The Slate is an exhilarating opportunity. The Slate, known for its boundary-pushing and unique identity, is the perfect backdrop for my colourful and flamboyant designs.”

A significant aspect of Eric's work is his focus on sustainability, aligning seamlessly with The Slate Phuket’s dedication to environmental stewardship. His pieces often feature sustainable materials and practices, resonating with our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Join us at The Slate to experience the fusion of art, culture, and fashion through Eric Raisina’s captivating designs. This is more than just a fashion showcase; it's a celebration of creativity and innovation.

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