sustainability and community outreach


Guided by a profound dedication to environmental stewardship and community support, The Slate's corporate ethos and environmental practices are rooted in the belief that true success comes from ongoing vigilance and relentless pursuit of innovation.

This dedication extends to fostering positive relations within the community, where supporting and collaborating with local foundations and charities stands as a cornerstone of our outreach efforts, underscoring our commitment to making a meaningful impact in the area we are proud to call home.

The Slate is committed to a plastic-free future through the "Phuket Pledge," an agreement to reduce, reuse, and recycle single-use plastic in Phuket, aiming to eliminate it from all hotels and resorts. Stakeholders have also vowed to conduct a youth community education programme to raise awareness of the critical issues surrounding plastic usage on the island. The Slate has committed to replacing 12 plastic items with more sustainable options every year. As part of our drive towards a plastic-free environment, we encourage all guests to bring their personal care products, such as toothbrushes and combs.

The Slate continues to introduce and implement sustainable initiatives to enhance guest experiences, reduce our environmental footprint, and maximise profitability, with a sustainable future in mind.

Below are some of the green initiatives we have introduced so far:

1. Refillable Glass Water Bottles: We have rejected single-use plastic water bottles and, with significant investment, established our own water treatment plant and bottling station to provide drinking water to our guests and employees.

2. No Plastic Straws: We have ceased using plastic straws. We now offer drinks without straws and provide paper straws upon request.

3. Worm Farm: We have welcomed 10,000 worms, small creatures that digest waste from our hotel operations and produce environmentally rich vermicast, which nourishes our tropical gardens.

4. Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products: We have switched to purchasing environmentally friendly cleaning products.

5. Partnership with Nature: Situated next to Sirinat National Park and the pristine Nai Yang Beach, which are managed by park authorities, we value our surroundings and collaborate with the local community to maintain a clean and safe environment.

6. No Plastic Cups: Our eco-audit revealed that our team members were using a significant amount of plastic. We have eliminated all plastic cups from staff areas and provided each team member with a reusable personal stainless steel drinking flask.

The Slate is dedicated not only to supporting sustainability practices but also to fostering positive community relations, making a meaningful impact on the local area, and promoting and supporting ethical activities within the community. This means we consciously avoid any involvement in activities that do not adhere to our strict ethical guidelines. Furthermore, our commitment to ethical practices encompasses promoting responsible tourism, environmental stewardship, and supporting local economies, all while respecting both people and nature.

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