Coqoon Spa

Sink into INDULGENT bliss. Enjoy a pampering experience in designer ambience. Revel in luxurious solitude.

Coqoon Spa

Enjoy soothing spa treatments so INDULGENT you won't want them to end.

Escape into an extraordinary setting and spoil yourself with a REJUVENATING treatment at Coqoon Spa. Delight in a deep-tissue massage as the balmy breeze caresses your skin and birds serenade you from above. Nothing compares to the SENSUOUS serenity of being pampered in an enchanted garden.



Yoga in the Wild Yonder

Offering the PEACEFUL philosophy of meditation through stretching and breathing, yoga brings balance and wellbeing to our daily lives. Enjoy posture practices (asana) and breathing practices (pranayama). Seek PROFOUND levels of relaxation and still your busy mind.

Superb Super-Stretching

Stretch your limits. Stretching is CORE to the beginning of all fitness activities. It reduces muscle tension, improves your FLEXIBILITY and posture, and raises your spirits.

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