The Slate is placing greater emphasis on guests’ health and wellness and will be collaborating with Dr. Buathon Thienarrom to further strengthen the destination’s spa offerings. Coqoon Spa, The Slate’s award-winning destination spa will be home to Dr. Buathon’s signature healing treatments for the month of July.

Dr. Buathom Thienarrom is a holistic practitioner from Thailand with extensive knowledge in alternative medicine and draws influences from Taoist practice and Tibetan medicine. She has dedicated her practice to deliver a healing experience for the body, mind and spirit. Her impressive repertoire includes celebrities and royalty.

Along with her extensive background in nursing, psychology and health sociology, Dr. Buathon gradually developed ZenNaTai, a unique approach to holistic healing allowing the body to release emotional and physical tension, generate chi flow and promote a calm mind.

Using a range of healing elements including energy and sound therapy, guests will be able to experience her signature healing therapies at the luxurious Coqoon Spa – set against a luscious rainforest and tropical garden.

Her treatments include:

ZenNaTai – Physical Tension Release Abdominal Detox

A holistic approach created by Dr. Buathon to heal the body, mind and spirit by generating ‘Qi’ to follow throughout the body. Guests can experience the release of physical tension in the chest, cranial and abdominal areas of the body. This process stimulates the lymphatic flow to support the release of toxins. ZenNaTai aims to generate the flow of energy throughout the body to induce a deeper state of relaxation, peace of mind, restoring harmony between mind and body to relieve tension headaches and improve concentration.

Energy Enchancing – Energy Healing and Tibetan Sound Therapy

The 60-minute therapy uses precious healing oils that activate the body’s subtle energy flow by awakening the chakra energy. This treatment is perfect for those looking to slow down brain wave frequencies and rest the mind.

Mind Transformation – Emotional Wellness and Mind Training

Guests seeking mental clarity and self-empowerment will enjoy this therapy that enhances emotional wellness through conscious breathing and transforming stresses and emotions into vitality.

Dr. Buathon will be on the property from 16 – 26 July 2017. Guests can book a complimentary holistic consultation to understand the connection of the mind and body through The Slate’s spa reception. Due to high demand, guests are advised to schedule their appointment in-advance.


For more information and bookings, please contact or 076 – 327 006

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