behind the pearl

Phuket has had a deep history in Tin and Tin Mining after its discovery around 200 years ago. The owner and Managing Director of The Slate, Khun Wichit Na-Ranong, and his family have been involved in tin mining for five generations.

After Khun Wichit hosted the film crew working on the James Bond classic, The Man with the Golden Gun, he further cemented the idea that Phuket could become an international tourist destination and opened the Pearl Village Resort in 1986.

a testament to phuket's rich history

Trends and tastes change, and in moving with the times, Khun Wichit’s daughter Krystal and designer Bill Bensley entered the picture to transform the Pearl Village into “Indigo Pearl”. A design led and contemporary resort but it had to reflect Phuket and the family’s history. The tin mining industrial concept was born.

Opening its doors in 2007, Indigo Pearl was far ahead of the curve, juxtaposing the raw, gritty details of Phuket’s industrial past with luscious landscapes of tropical flora and fauna, presented alongside Thailand’s unique brand of hospitality and culture. The industrial chic resort became a sensation amongst design aficionados and luxury travellers alike due to its raw beauty, bold designs and unhindered luxury.

For almost a decade, Indigo Pearl struck awe into all those who visited and forged a loyal following from those who chose to learn its secrets and explore within its walls, but there were still those who left perplexed or confused by its unusual presentation. It was time to refresh and reinvigorate the resort yet again, but instead of changing the design or concept, Khun Wichit and Khun Krystal were set to amplify it.

Neither of these feats was achieved without daring and bravery, and for that reason, the future belongs to ‘The Slate’: a place where family legacy meets raw elements, industrial beauty interrupts and art converges with nature. A difficult departure from an already loved brand “Indigo Pearl”, but a necessary move to facilitate stronger story-telling and higher levels of service with inspiring experiences that much more strongly reflect Phuket’s tin mining past and the diverse cultures of its unique population.

The Evolution continues

“At The Slate, we are celebrating the history of Phuket, and every corner is a conversation. Here, guests encounter tin from our own mines – you can just feel the flavours of the past.” – Prakaikaew Na-Ranong

As a Phuket Pearl Resort, The Slate will continue evolving its services, painting for our guests a vivid picture of what Phuket used to be as it writes the next chapter in the Na-Ranong family story. It’s a striking, poetic reminder of raw beauty, of vision and of a rich bygone era.

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